Solar Eclipse

The upcoming Solar eclipse is your chance to witness one of the greatest mysteries of the universe. Scientists are understandably jazzed about the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21. They hope to learn a lot. But you should be excited, too, because the eclipse will pull back the curtains on one of the greatest and […]

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Need a Job? NASA is Looking for a New Planetary Protection Officer

NASA announced last month that it was looking for a new Planetary Protection Office, the person whose job it will be to ensure that future missions to other planets don’t contaminate them with microbes that have come along for the ride, and that return missions don’t bring extra-terrestrial microbes back to Earth. Despite its “defender against […]

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Abandoned Soviet Space Shuttles

Just before dawn on the morning of November 15, 1988, the Energiya rocket stood fueled and ready on the launch pad at Baikonur, the Soviet Union’s launch site. Mated to the booster was the Buran space shuttle orbiter, ready for its maiden flight. It looked to strongly reminiscent of NASA’s Space Transportation System, colloquially known […]

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